Leonardo Salomão was born in Northeast Brazil in a state called Paraíba. Today he dedicates his life to photography, documenting stories and people all over the world. Co-creator of Xingu Publisher and Evoé Project, in which he intends to portray the food culture of different nations. Within this project, he has already gone to eight (8) countries, working with tradition communities and NGOs.

Finalist of 21 ° Latinoamericano Contest Documentary Photography “Lucha de los profesores del Paraná”,
Exhibited in:
- Medellin – Colombia, in 2015.

Portrait selected to make up the permanent exhibition of the National Portrait Gallery, London.
Exhibited in:
- London at The Embassy Tea Gallery in November 2015.
- Tokyo in The Stronghold Reminders Photography Gallery in February 2016.

Third place in the World Food Photography of the year, 2016; 
Exhibited in:
- Mall Galleries, London.
- 6x6 Centre for Photography, Limassol, Cyprus.

Winner of World Food Photography of the year, 2017.
Category: Food For the Family.
Exhibited in:
- Mall Galleries, London.